Host. Guest.
Stranger. Welcome

What could be a more genuine description of hospitality than the act of welcoming a “stranger”? This concept has been persistent throughout time; the humane obligation to be welcoming to others; to be gracious, giving and inclusive with generosity.

We are privileged to be part of an industry and a community whose very existence is the physical manifestation of these ideals. Yet with any human endeavor there are always areas of imperfection and opportunities for improvement. We can’t help but look across this amazing community of artisans and professionals and see the opportunity for us to be more welcoming and inclusive among ourselves.

Altamura Distilleries Premium Spirits

Alexandra Purcaru
Selva, Oaxaca Cocktail BarMèxico

We are delighted to have Alexandra Purcaru of Selva Oaxaca join us as our Inclusivity Ambassador. As a brand that is very active in sponsoring events, guest shifts, pop-ups and the like globally, we see the opportunity for us to take extra care that our brand efforts include participation from all members of the hospitality community with an emphasis on those groups we can see as under-represented; Women, People of Color, and those of Alternate Lifestyles.