Altamura Distilleries Signature Cocktail #FCW23La Ménagère - Florence

Noble, elegant, and smooth, Altamura Vodka instantly inspired the team with its features. It pairs perfectly with the bold aromatic profile of Martini Vermouth, giving rise to a clear and refined drink. As diverse as the souls of La Ménagère, the drink blends spirits with different products like strawberry cocoa and red fruit cheesecake. The idea is to create a liquid dessert reflecting the characteristics of the chosen products. Delicate, engaging, and delightful, it’s easy to drink anytime. Bring your fork and knife, food lovers!

  • Recipe

Early Berry

4 cl Altamura Distilleries Vodka

1,5 cl Martini Vermouth Riserva Speciale Ambrato

1 cl Cocoa Strawberry

2 cl Red berries Cheesecake

1,5 cl Lime juice

Technique: Stir and Strain

Glass: Rock Glass

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