Altamura Distilleries Signature Cocktail #FCW23FAKE - Florence

Peter Pandan-o is dedicated to those who want to remain young at heart, guided by the wonder of a flavor journey through Malaysia, China, and Japan, without ever forgetting their roots. Low in alcohol and enveloping, it opens with coconut notes, followed by the scent of osmanthus and freshly baked biscuit memories given by pandan. The cedar water provides a touch of freshness, accentuated by the delicate spiciness of Sansho and the zest of ginger.

  • Recipe

Peter Pandan

2,5 cl Vodka Altamura Distilleries

1,5 cl Oolong and Osmanto Homemade Syrup

1 cl Nardini Acqua di Cedro

2,5 cl Ginger Lime and Sansho Pepper

1,5 San Pellegrino Ginger Beer

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