Altamura DistilleriesSignature Cocktails@Venice Cocktail Week 2023

There are experiences that go far beyond simple events. Situations and places that evoke powerful emotions, capable of captivating us, enveloping us, making us feel at the center of a unique experience. Venice, with its magical autumnal atmosphere, provides the perfect backdrop for all of this during the unmissable Venice Cocktail Week 2023. Once again, Altamura Distilleries will be a key player and the Main Sponsor of the event. As always, the event is organized by Paola Mencarelli, Founder & Creative Director of VCW. It’s a week where the art of mixology meets various other arts—food, music, fashion, and the art of living well—all of which Italy and Venice are world-renowned masters.


Altamura Distilleries’ Premium Vodka takes center stage in a remarkable 11 of the 31 official Signature Cocktails of VCW2023. The bartenders from Venice’s most renowned cocktail bars and hotel bars have created works of art and flavor that we are proud to present to you here.

Altamura Distilleries Premium Spirits

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