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Queen Bee is inspired by life in a beehive – a group of components working cohesively, just like in a bar. The queen bee directs all the other creatures in this fantastic ecosystem, aiming to form a strong and solid structure, a perfect mechanism that renews daily. The drink features banana-infused bourbon and mango-infused vodka, different ingredients that together create harmony and body. Close your eyes, and you’ll be able to taste each element building the drink’s complexity, just as you imagined. Everything is left to rest overnight with homemade pineapple Greek yogurt, providing a velvety sensation on the palate. As in any beehive, honey and the balsamic note of propolis are essential. To complete the homey thought, a memory of the hive is created with pollen.

  • Recipe

Queen Bee

3 cl Altamura Distilleries Vodka infused with Mango

3 cl Michter’s Bourbon Whiskey infused with Banana

5 dash Propolis in alcohol solution

2,5 cl Thun Honey Millefiori

3 cl Lemon juice

Milk Washing with Pineapple Yogurt

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